Our Story

FASHION LOOPZ was birthed out of personal frustration and annoyance. I like a nice belt with my outfits at times, but very often I had to deal with that extra portion hanging off at the end. I would always try to find a quick fix to keep it in place and give it a neater look, so I resorted to hairpins and even a clear strap to keep my belt ends tucked.

This was not the best look plus it eventually damaged the belts. I decided to permanently address my problem and invented something that I could easily attach to the belt to keep it in place and add style to my outfit.

In March 2018, my husband and I started our company OM Porter LLC and partnering with a leading product development company we have designed a durable product made from quality material with a beautiful, fashionable and eye-catching charm attached for added style.

We like to look our best and we aim to make everyone look their utmost best when wearing belts. Thank you for your interest in our product and we are so excited to meet the needs of all our customers.